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Ishq Colombo believes in the concept of gourmet dining at home, where nourishing multi-cuisine dishes are shared amongst friends and family in a relaxed and informal environment. Offering some of the best fine dining in Colombo, our private chefs are flexible to your requests and can cater to all dietary requirements. Breakfast is included while other meals can be picked from our a la carte menu which includes Sri Lankan dishes and international fusion cuisine.

Ishq’s owners are of Memoni heritage and welcome you to enjoy the unique tastes of Memoni cuisineA cross between North Indian and Persian cuisine, Memon food is a rare and unique treat and includes crunchy samosas and akni, a fragrant beef curry with potatoes and a hint of cloves and cumin. We can offer a selection of these dishes on request, with advance notice. The villa does not serve alcohol, however guests are very welcome to bring their own beverages h our staff will chill, store and serve. No corkage will be charged.