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A guide to destination weddings in Sri Lanka

Whether planning a lavish or minimalist destination wedding in Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean island has a host of unique backdrops and luxurious boutique hotels or private villa settings to create unforgettable memories on your special day. From misty hills, historic forts, and gorgeous beaches, Sri Lanka presents a range of stunning locations to exchange vows. In this blog, we help you understand the basics when planning your ‘I dos’ in Sri Lanka.

The best time to host a wedding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island and spells of rainy weather are experienced year-round, but the periods between December to April, and between June to August are the best for long spells of sunny skies and overall dry weather, which are ideal for outdoor weddings.

Did you know?

The couple, (both parties) are required to be in the country four full days prior to the wedding and will need to meet the registrar, with a planning representative.

Required Documents for a wedding in Sri Lanka

The requirements of documentation needed for a wedding in Sri Lanka may change from time to time, so it’s best to check in with your wedding planner or your venue partner with the exact requirements, prior to planning your big day. At the time of writing this blog, the following documents are required for weddings in Sri Lanka:

a. Passports and copies of both passports
b. Copies of both visa pages after you have entered the country
c. If divorced, all related documentation from either party
d. Originals and copies of both birth certificates
e. Full names, passport copies, and occupation of the 2 witnesses who will be present on the day
f. An affidavit certificate is required: This is a supporting document (signed by a lawyer or justice of the peace – for both parties stating that you are who you say you are, and that your current status (single/divorced, etc.) is true and correct). This document is best brought from your country or residence. In an emergency, this can be acquired in Sri Lanka – with difficulty and cost.
g. Death certificate of former spouse if either party is a widow/widower
h. Deed poll certificate if you have changed your name (this includes divorcees who have reverted to their maiden name) 

Exotic locations for the big day

With so many incredible locations on one island, Sri Lanka makes the perfect destination for weddings, and the honeymoon begins the second you say, ‘I do’. Ishq Talpe and Colombo are two beautiful wedding venues in Sri Lanka, created with love in mind.

For couples planning a dreamy beach wedding, Ishq Villas in Talpe, located in the south of Sri Lanka (30 minutes from Galle) can easily accommodate up to 50 guests, while Ishq Colombo located in the island’s capital, offers a more intimate setting accommodating up to 40 guests. Both venues offer contemporary design, architecture, and scenic outdoor spaces, along with a skilled and experienced team of chefs and butlers that are flexible in curating bespoke menus.

While the idea of planning a destination wedding may seem stressful, Sri Lanka has a range of wedding planners, and many hotels and villas will assist you along the way with various aspects of the planning.